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What are Permanent Christmas Lights?

Permanent Christmas Lights are a transformative lighting solution that elevates traditional holiday decorations to an enduring feature of your home or business’s exterior. Unlike seasonal lights, which require annual installation and removal, these lights are installed once and remain in place year-round, ready to illuminate any occasion. Crafted with advanced technology and durable materials, these fixtures offer customizable colors and patterns, enabling endless possibilities for celebration, decoration, and illumination.


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Elevate the beauty of your house with our Permanent Christmas Lights

At Plano Outdoor Lighting Co., we take pride in offering our Permanent Christmas Lights, meticulously crafted by our esteemed manufacturer, Gemstone Lights. These lights are not just a decoration but a statement of style and durability, designed to enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal throughout the year. With the ability to customize colors and patterns, our lights offer a blend of functionality and elegance, ensuring that your home or business always stands out.

Our Permanent Christmas Lights come with an innovative Precision Daylight Scheduling feature, allowing you to set timers that automatically adjust to your location’s natural light conditions. This smart functionality ensures your lights provide illumination precisely when it’s needed, enhancing both the beauty and security of your property effortlessly. It’s an energy-efficient way to manage your outdoor lighting, reflecting the thoughtfulness and advanced technology behind our products.

The purpose behind our Permanent Christmas Lights is twofold: to beautify your space and to make it more functional. They serve not only as a festive decoration but also as an architectural highlight, adding charm and increasing safety by illuminating dark corners of your property. Our lights are designed to be a permanent fixture, offering a warm welcome to guests and a serene ambiance for every occasion.

Choosing Plano Outdoor Lighting Co. for your Permanent Christmas Lights means opting for unparalleled quality and service. Our partnership with Gemstone Lights ensures that we provide only the best in the market, backed by our expertise in installation and customization. We’re dedicated to illuminating your property in the most beautiful and efficient way possible, making every moment at home or your business special.

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Light Up Your Home or Business Year-Round with Plano's Distinctive Permanent Lights

At Plano Outdoor Lighting Co., we specialize in bringing the innovative design and lasting beauty of Permanent Christmas Lights to your property. Manufactured by our trusted partner, Gemstone Lights, these lighting solutions are ideal for homeowners and business owners looking to make a lasting impression. With our lights, every night can be as festive or as elegant as you choose, turning your space into a beacon of warmth and welcome.

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With Plano Outdoor Lighting Co.’s Permanent Christmas Lights, the holiday spirit need not be confined to a single season. These versatile lights allow you to bask in the festive glow of Christmas at any time, offering the flexibility to switch between vibrant displays or a more subdued elegance to match your mood or event.

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Plano Outdoor Lighting Co., leveraging the quality and innovation of Gemstone Lights, ensures your celebrations are brilliantly illuminated throughout the year. Our Permanent Holiday Lights can be customized for any occasion, allowing you to light up your property in Plano, TX, with the colors and patterns of your choice, from Independence Day fireworks to Halloween’s spooky ambiance.

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Enhance the architectural beauty of your property with the precision and elegance of Permanent Christmas Lights from Plano Outdoor Lighting Co. These lights are designed not just to celebrate but to accentuate, highlighting the unique features and craftsmanship of your home or business with a touch of sophistication.

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Beyond their beauty, our Permanent Christmas Lights, manufactured by Gemstone Lights, also serve as an effective security measure. The strategic illumination of your property’s exterior can deter potential threats, offering both safety and peace of mind. With Plano Outdoor Lighting Co., security is just as important as aesthetic appeal.

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Plano Outdoor Lighting Co.’s Permanent Christmas Lights, transform your outdoor living areas into enchanting spaces for relaxation and entertainment. Illuminate your porch, pergola, or screen room with a gentle, inviting glow that makes every evening special, whether it’s a quiet night in or a gathering of friends and family.

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Elevate your outdoor living spaces with the customizable and durable Permanent Christmas Lights from Plano Outdoor Lighting Co., crafted by Gemstone Lights. These lights extend the comfort and style of your interior to the great outdoors, creating the perfect ambiance for any activity or occasion. With our lighting, your backyard or patio becomes a year-round retreat for enjoyment and relaxation.

Our Product Highlights

Embark on a journey of illumination with Plano Outdoor Lighting Co., where elegance meets innovation through our collaboration with Gemstone Lights. Our Permanent Christmas Lights are designed not just to brighten your space but to transform it.

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Smart Cloud Control

Enjoy the freedom to control your lights from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection. Your phone becomes a remote, bringing unparalleled convenience to your fingertips.

All-Weather Proof Connections

Designed to endure, our connections are waterproof, guaranteeing reliability through all weather conditions, ensuring your space remains brilliantly lit, come rain or shine.

Radiant Warm White LED

Elevate your lighting with our 4th Warm White LED. This feature allows you to mix and match RGB with Warm White, offering a vast array of colors and the option for soft, ambient lighting throughout the year.

Customizable Individual Light Control

Each light can be controlled individually through our app, offering true customization. This level of control is unmatched, allowing for precise and personalized lighting designs.

Flexible Scheduling with Multiple Timers

Tailor your lighting to your schedule with ease. Our system allows for multiple timers, ensuring your lights are on when you need them and off when you don’t.

Full-Coverage Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

We stand behind our product with a comprehensive 3-year warranty, and all parts are covered for 5 years by Gemstone Lights. Given the lights are rated for 50,000 hours, rest assured, we’ve got you covered for years to come.

Precision Daylight Scheduling

This allows you to set timers so your lights turn on or off with the rising or setting sun, perfectly matching the lighting to the time of day, all with your control.

Dimmable Lights

Control the intensity of your lights with our dimmable feature. Whether setting the mood for a quiet evening or illuminating a gathering, you have complete control over the brightness.

Elegant Architectural Highlighting

Highlight the unique features of your property with our architectural accent lighting. Designed to enhance and complement your space’s aesthetics, our lights add a layer of sophistication and beauty.

Exclusive Gemstone Lights App

With our custom app for iOS and Android, managing your lighting preferences has never been easier. The intuitive interface offers seamless control and customization, making it simple to create the perfect lighting scenario for any occasion.

Our Product Features

Plano Outdoor Lighting Co., in partnership with Gemstone Lights, introduces cutting-edge lighting solutions designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of your spaces. Our Permanent Christmas Lights system is engineered with exceptional features that cater to a broad range of needs and preferences, ensuring your property shines brilliantly throughout the year. Let’s explore the detailed aspects of our standout features

Radiant Warm White LED

Our 4th Warm White LED is a game-changer, allowing for an exquisite blend of RGB and Warm White lighting. This feature offers a vast array of colors, enabling the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for vibrant hues for a party or soft, ambient lighting for a relaxing evening, this technology meets your needs.

The inclusion of Warm White LED means your space is beautifully illuminated throughout the year. It provides an option for gentle light that complements every season, transforming your home or business into a welcoming haven. This versatility ensures that your property stands out with elegance and warmth, regardless of the time of year.

Elevating your outdoor or indoor spaces is effortless with our Radiant Warm White LED. The ability to mix and match lighting colors allows for unlimited creative possibilities. This ensures that your lighting can always match your mood, event, or the changing seasons, providing a tailored lighting experience.

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cloud-controlled Christmas lights

Smart Cloud Control

Enjoy unmatched convenience with our Smart Cloud Control feature. This technology enables you to manage your lights from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Your smartphone or tablet becomes a powerful remote, offering control at your fingertips.

This feature is perfect for those who travel frequently or wish to adjust their lighting remotely. Whether you’re setting the mood before you arrive home or ensuring your property is well-lit while you’re away, Smart Cloud Control offers peace of mind. It adds a layer of security and convenience to your lighting system.

The Smart Cloud Control also allows for scheduling and adjusting lighting scenes to suit various occasions. You can seamlessly transition your lighting from a festive party atmosphere to calm, evening relaxation with just a few taps. This flexibility makes it an essential feature for modern living, where control and convenience are paramount. Watch a demo.

Customizable Individual Light Control

Our Customizable Individual Light Control feature brings unparalleled customization to your lighting setup. Each light can be individually adjusted through our intuitive app, allowing for precise control over your lighting design. This level of detail enables you to create unique lighting patterns that enhance the beauty of your space.

With individual light control, you can highlight architectural features, create intricate displays for special occasions, or set a calming ambiance for every day. This feature empowers you to use lighting as an element of design, making your space truly your own. It’s ideal for those who value the ability to tailor their environment to reflect their style and mood.

The app’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to adjust individual lights, experiment with colors, and save your favorite settings for future use. Whether you’re an enthusiast of detailed lighting designs or someone looking to add a personal touch to their space, this feature offers the tools you need. It ensures that your lighting is not just functional but also a reflection of your creativity and individuality.

Customizable permanent Christmas lights in Plano

Frequenty Asked Questions about Our Permanent Christmas Lights

the best Christmas lights in Plano

Yes, our Smart Cloud Control feature allows you to manage your lights from any location in the world, provided you have an internet connection. This means you can adjust settings, switch themes, and control brightness right from your smartphone or tablet, offering ultimate convenience and flexibility.

Absolutely. Our lights come with waterproof connections, ensuring they are resilient against all weather conditions. This durability guarantees that your investment remains secure and your property beautifully lit, regardless of the weather.

With our Radiant Warm White LED feature, you can mix and match RGB with Warm White to create a vast array of colors. This enables you to customize the ambiance for any occasion, season, or mood, with soft, ambient lighting available throughout the year.

Yes, our Customizable Individual Light Control feature allows you to manage each light individually through our user-friendly app. This level of control provides unparalleled customization, enabling you to craft precise and personalized lighting designs

Our Precision Daylight Scheduling feature allows you to set timers based on the natural light conditions of your location. This means your lights can automatically turn on at sunset and off at sunrise, or vice versa, aligning your outdoor lighting perfectly with the day’s natural rhythms.

We provide a comprehensive bumper-to-bumper warranty for 3 years, with all parts covered for 5 years by Gemstone Lights. Our lights are rated for 50,000 hours, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment of your lighting setup.

We recommend professional installation to ensure optimal performance and safety. Our team of experts is trained to install your Permanent Christmas Lights perfectly, integrating them seamlessly with your property’s architecture and electrical systems.

Yes, our Permanent Christmas Lights are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The LED technology not only reduces energy consumption but also provides bright, vibrant lighting, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for your home or business.

The Gemstone Lights custom app is designed for ease of use, available for both iOS and Android devices. Through the app, you can control your lighting, adjust settings, and even save your favorite scenes. Our customer support team is also available to guide you through any questions you might have about the app.

Definitely! While our Permanent Christmas Lights are perfect for the holiday season, their customizable settings and wide color range make them suitable for all events and occasions. From parties and celebrations to everyday ambiance, our lights can enhance the atmosphere of any gathering.

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